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10 time saving hacks for the busiest women



We can all relate: We’re busy, we’re always out of time, and we’re downright exhausted. But, what if there was a better way? What if we could make a few daily tweaks to maximize our time, our efforts, and improve our energy while we’re at it.

Read up on my best 10 time saving hacks for the busiest women.

You’ll essentially be at Wonder Woman status once you’ve read and implemented these bad boys into your daily routine.

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What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

1. Prep the night before

This is a game changer! Set your clothes out for the next day. Pack your lunch, pack your bags, and set out anything you need to have your morning go smoothly. This will save time and your sanity—promise!

2. Make a to do list

If we don’t know what we’re reaching for, how can we possibly achieve it? Write out a to do list for your day or your week—whatever works best for you. I love unloading EVERYTHING that’s been racing through my mind as a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur. I do a brain dump on a piece of paper on Sunday evening or early Monday morning. I do this each week to reduce my stress, have things written down so they’re out of my head, and then organize that list into priorities that need to get done each day of the week.

3. Get up earlier

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one. It can be tough to wake up earlier if you’re not a morning person, but even 15-20 minutes can make a world of difference for your day. I love waking up 30-45 minutes before the rest of my household wakes up. It allows me to ease into my mornings and helps me feel like I’m starting the day off mindfully vs. as a scatter-brained, hectic mess!

4. Simplify your morning

Keep it simple! No need to put on your full glam makeup if you’ll just be hanging around the house.

5. Dry shampoo + baby wipes are your friend 🙂

After becoming a mom, dry shampoo and baby wipes literally became two of my best friends. I use dry shampoo nearly every day because I have to let you in on a little secret—I don’t shower every day. Baby wipes are also super great to have in your bag, in the car, or at the office when you need a little refresh. Here’s my favorite baby wipe brand that leaves me feeling super refreshed, and smelling great!

6. Say “no” more often

Yup—I’m totally guilty of not following this one myself, but it’s an absolute must to reaching your goals and sticking with them. You have my full permission—just say “NO!”

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7. Listen to a podcast, inspirational video while exercising

This has been my jam lately. I always want to maximize my time. Listening to a podcast or watching a professional development video while I do some yoga or get in some cardio has been a motivator to do something good for myself while also expanding my mind—love it!

8. Get your groceries delivered

Ugh, this one is just so easy. Just push that darn easy button already. You’ll save time, you’ll save money, and most importantly, you’ll save your sanity from taking small children (and your tired self!) into the grocery store. Because let’s be honest—that’s just nuts!

9. Shop online

Same concept as getting those groceries delivered. Just shop online! You can get everything you need, oftentimes with free shipping. Bonus of shopping online? You only shop for what you actually need, instead of being tempted by the dollar section at Target … again. We all know that is where our wallets go to die!

time saving hacks
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10. Batch home projects

Get that to do list out, determine what all of your home-related projects are. Maybe it’s cleaning out that pesky (and stinky!) mudroom, or finally donating those clothes you’ve been meaning to get rid of for years. Whatever it is, make a list of these projects, set a timer (20 or 30 minutes will do), and go to town! You’ll feel so glad when it’s done, and your house will be less cluttered, too. Win, win!

Got all these down? You go, Wonder Woman! I’m rooting for you! And if you ever have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. Us mamas and busy women on a mission to live better, healthier, more abundant lives have GOT to stick together. I’m here for YOU!

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